Sony SDX3-100W 100GB/260GB AIT-3 Data Backup Tape

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Detail: Sony SDX3-100W 100GB/260GB AIT-3 Data Backup Tape
Brand: Sony
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Last Updated: March 16, 2021
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Organizations, irrespective of type/size, are demanding energy efficient, reliable and technologically advanced backup systems that are long lasting and cost effective in routine tasks.

Sony, the innovator of Advanced Intelligent Tape format, offers all segments of medium/small industry an easy-to-use, low priced and superior solution. Companies with diverse server configurations and busy workstations turn to Sony AIT-3 system which comprises of multiple tape cartridge models (WORM-enabled, rewritable).

Offers plenty of data storage capacity

This sdx3-100w media tape is engineered realizing the security requirements, space constraints of organizations. No other tape format provides such huge raw capacity of 100 gigabytes and WORM technology in such compact form factor. All drive generations elevate the recording capability and the transfer rate with 2.6:1 compressing functionality. So a remarkable boost to the storage capacity is provided to AIT-3 customers reaching 260 GB.

Maintains data integrity and faster access

Sdx3-100w tape provides users unmatched protection and its W.O.R.M technique prevents data errors. So the management can retrieve data files in their original form, because the authorized person cannot over-write or delete.

Increases efficiency

The backup system results in overall improvement in data security and efficiency. it is capable of transferring 12MB raw data per second.

General Information
Manufacturer Sony
Part Number SDX3-100W
Product Name Sony SDX3-100W - AIT WORM x 1 - 100 GB - storage media
Product Type Storage media - AIT WORM
Technical Information
Tape Technology Storage media - AIT
Storage Capacity 100GB (Native)/260GB (Compressed)
Tape Length 230 m
Designed For AIT e1040s, e260/S, e390/S, i1040s, i260/S, i390/S; AIT Library LIB 162/A5, 81/A3, D81/A3; SDX 700V/R

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