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Kinds of Data We Collect

The personal data we collect for our website visitors includes data related to your website visit and how you use our website. In case any orders are placed by yourself, we store information related to the goods and services you selected. When you register on our website we store your provided information to make it easier for you to login and use our website seamlessly.


Website Visitor Data & Cookies

Cookies are used to enable a given website to remember its website visitors and save their site preferences and actions on the website to allow a seamless and user-friendly experience. When the user visits the website, a tiny file is downloaded to the user device, which stores this user information. This file is then sent back to the website after each user visit.


The adlibventures.ae website, like others, utilizes cookies to help visitors login securely to their website account, display tailored content of interest to the user and save the items added to the online shopping cart to allow for a protected ordering experience. The cookies employed by the adlibventures.ae website will not be storing your personal information including your name, address, phone number and payment data.


adlibventures.ae may place cookies on your desktop computer, laptop, Tablet PC or hand held mobile device and retrieve any data saved in cookies when you visit the adlibventures.ae website or Web Services supplied by third party concerns including customer analytics, web content or marketing partners.


If cookies need to be disallowed/deleted and private browsing needs to be activated, many Internet browsers for all kinds of devices have settings to do so. Please see your internet browser settings in this regard. However, please note that to use our website’s complete features you will need to accept cookies from our website on your device.


How is your Personal Data Used?

Any personal data collected from our website visitors will be used solely for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy. The primary goal reason this data is collected is to be able to enhance the user browsing experience and make our website as user friendly and intuitive as possible. This also helps us to allow you to personalize the website for a smoother browsing experience. We may from time to time send you information (marketing or non-marketing material) which we think might be of interest to you. You can opt out of these communications anytime, just send us an email at sales@adlibventures.ae


adlibventures.ae does not share your personal data with any third party without your express written consent.



Apart from the aforementioned purposes, adlibventures.ae may be required to share your personal information if necessitated by requirements of law, in case of any legal proceedings or prospects of legal action, in order to safeguard our legal rights and for the purposes of fraud prevention and reduction of credit risk.


Personal Data Protection

adlibventures.ae will take all steps in its power to ensure all our customer data is protected from potential theft and misuse. Please ensure you keep your Password for our website safe and do not share it with anyone. adlibventures.ae will never contact you to ask for your login and password.


Right to Vary the Terms

adlibventures.ae reserves the rights to change these Terms in line with market conditions, changes in technologies, changes in payment methods, changes in related laws and other such legal and regulatory requirements and other changes in our website and system capabilities.


You shall be subject to the Terms and Policies in force at the time you place your Order with us, unless changes to these are necessitated by law or a government authority (in which case it will apply to previous orders placed by you), or if we intimate you of changes to our Terms before we send you the Payment Confirmation email (in which case adlibventures.ae has the right to deem that you are in agreement with the revised Terms).


Our Customers’ Rights

You have the right to request us to share your stored personal information at any time. This will be subject to the payment of a fee (currently set at $10). You also have the right to instruct us not to send you any marketing material by simply emailing sales@adlibventures.ae


Third Party Websites Disclaimer

If you visit any Third-party Websites by clicking on their provided link on our website, please make sure to read their Privacy Policy as adlibventures.ae is not responsible for these websites Privacy Policies.



If you still have any questions regarding our privacy policy and treatment of your information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us: Click here


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