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The Adlib Ventures website is designed with resellers and end users in mind, crafted to provide you with valuable upsell and cross-sell opportunities to engage your customer and increase your business. You can use these features to more effectively sell add-on products.

Our search engine will help you find the product you’re looking for faster which will help with your productivity. Also, by displaying additional information such as Featured Products, Related Products etc., we will show you items that are relevant to the purchase you’re already making. These are items you may have overlooked or not even considered that your customer may also need. Knowledge of these items could help you make that extra sale to your customer or buy any additional products required for your workplace.

All web browsers are supported by ADLIB VENTURES WEBSITE, e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.

These items are derived from analyzing patterns of invoices across all customers to identify most prevalent items in a given category. Relevancy is based upon navigation throughout the site. Top Sellers can be most effectively utilized as an aid in helping you identify the hot selling items which may be of interest to you.

These are items published by both manufacturers and our product marketing teams to provide relevant add-ons related to products being purchased. Recommendations will vary from time to time based upon industry trends, special deals, and other factors to provide extra tools.

These are items that may be of interest based on category selected, new items stocked, or special offerings from our vendors.

These are items identified by analyzing the purchasing habits of our customers. The most frequent combinations are provided as potential add-on sales opportunities to use with your end user.

As part of Adlib Ventures commitment in making our website easier for you to use, the common feature of displaying product categories on every page, similar to consumer websites, has been added. These tabs allow users to navigate through our product hierarchies.

In the upper right-hand corner of our screen you will see some icons and a link. These icons are as follows:


Please contact the Electronic Commerce Help Desk at:


UAE Support Line: 054-526-2350 or drop us an email at sales@adlibventures.ae

You can enter the Product’s Part Number / Model Number in the “Search Box” at the top of the screen to search your desired Product(s).


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